Environment and Labor Protection

Politics in Health, Safety and Environment protection.

In terms of health, safety and environment conservation (hereafter HSE) regulated with the current Politics «KMG Drilling & Services» LLP (hereafter Partnership). Politics in HSE areas prevails on all employees and applies to all scopes of the Partnership. 

Priority directions of the Partnership are:      

  • Provide secure labor conditions for our employees, contractors and visitors, and practice secure equipment exploitation, onshore and offshore drilling rig of the Partnership.
  • Prevent environment pollution on work site.
  • Increase efficiency in all HSE MS in all the Partnership structural subdivisions.

Our goals:

  • Improve injury prevention, accidents, environmental damage;
  • Effective response to emergencies;
  • Introduction and implementation of combination programs in HSE areas.
  • Constant development and improvement

To accomplish target goals Partnership obliged to: 

  • Maintain legislation in HSE areas, administrative and legislative acts, safety operation rules, industry standards and procedures.
  • Develop, impose and maintain operating systems, standards regulations in HSE areas according to ISMC, world standards OHSAS 18 001 and ISO 14 001.
  • Implicate each employee in identification, evaluation, and analysis processes and risk management.
  • Educate all employees, continuously improving their skills including their readiness to emergencies, which can be apply to safety as well as their pollution prevention.
  • Maintain responsible administration attitude in HSE program provision, provide necessary resources for the goal accomplishments of company politics.
  • Conduct regular subdivision audits to identify conformity ISMC requirements, politics and standards of the company and acting legislation.
  • Openly inform employees, customers, government authorities and public of all the inquiries and problems concerning with HSE.
  • Investigate accidents, breakdown incident and accidents with identifying circumstances and cause, and provisioning actions for their elimination and prevention.
  • Encourage outstanding achievements and actions of employees, oriented on improvements in HSE areas.
  • Review Partnership’s operating System, labor safety technologies, work method conduction in industry and achievements in search of regular improvement possibilities.

In order to execute Partnership’s goals each employee should:

  • Comply with requirements in HSE area, report of all incidents;
  • Properly use self-safety equipment, means of individual safety and follow rules of safe work execution;
  • Have a professional approach towards executions of their responsibilities and understand their roles and liabilities in HSE program implementation

Given document to be deemed as open and available to all parties.