All information on procurement of “Samruk-Kazyna” Fund companies is now available in one resource –

In frame of implementation of policy on procurement improvement in affiliate and dependent companies and with a purpose of raising the transparency and publicity, new free-of-charge informational resource on procurement is now functioning in JSC “Samruk-Kazyna” Fund

Resource is a single informational ground, which locates the most up-to-date and impartial information on procurement of Fund organizations online: group of companies Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Kazmunaigas, Kazatomprom, Samruk-energo and others.

In the “Procurement” module of the website, notifications on conducted and to be conducted procurements, tender documentations, protocol disclosure and summarization, in addition other information, relevant to procurement procedures of Fund companies on all of the procurement methods: single source, open tender, price enquiries and other.

Suppliers lost the necessity in reviewing over 200 websites of the Fund organizations. Only on given website, in the “Plan” module, consolidated demand is available for the review of over 240 Fund companies for the total amount of more than 3 trillion tenge and around 375 000 positions in goods, works and services. Annual and long-term plans of the Fund companies are available for downloading.

By unique code of Uniform Stock Item Identification Guide of goods, works, and services (USIIG GWS) information on interested position of goods, works and services can be attained in few seconds.

If required, immediate notification (address dispatch) about conducted or planned procurements with company item descriptions, place and procurement date, prices.

A lot of other useful and interesting information on procurement inquiries of the Fund companies presented on the Web portal: register of conscientious suppliers, domestic manufacturers, regulatory acts on procurement inquiries and other.

We invite you to register and join the ranks of Web portal users.