Transformation in JSC NC “KazMunayGas”

On October 6, the President announced the launch of a transformation program in the “Samruk Kazyna” Group. “KazMunayGas” is among the pilot companies. Today, the national company held a meeting involving an extended working group on transformation. It included the heads of the fund, national company and its subsidiaries. 

The uniform personnel policy is about to be implemented in “KazMunayGas”. Its project under the upcoming transformation is represented today in Astana. In addition, the experts of the Moscow Business School carry out special training courses for the members of the working group on transformation. Among them are department heads and HR managers. It is them who will become agents for changes in the group of companies “KazMunayGas”. 

Serik Abdenov, Managing Director for Human Resources Management and Labor Remuneration at JSC NC “KazMunayGas”

- You know, the President gave an order to provide the availability of social mobility in the company, so that the career growth of each person could be understandable. Secondly, it is of course the development of our staff, so that our employees could associate their future with the company. 

A key element of the program is the people. Therefore, KazMunayGas expects changes in the behavior and skills of the staff, style of leadership and management effectiveness. The most important task is to change corporate consciousness and culture. 

Daniel Cruysberghs, Chief Human Resources Officer of the “Samruk Kazyna” Fund

- The most important thing is to follow those aspects that are the drivers of change. These are skills, experience, knowledge and behavior. People should stay in their positions. It means investing in the development of people, but at the same time we need to hire those who fit the job. 

The meeting will last three days. After this, recommendations and an action plan aimed at improving the HR policies and successful transformation in JSC NC “KazMunayGas” will be approved.