KMG Nabors Drilling Company Joint Venture

Within the framework of cooperation between KMG Drilling & Services LLP (KMG DS) and Nabors Drilling International Ltd (Nabors), a joint venture was established in March 2015 -KMG Nabors Drilling Company LLP (hereinafter - JV KNDC) for the provision of drilling works and services for subsoil users, the main activityJV KNDC To date, it is the implementation of drilling services for TCO.

The JV KNDC has been operating since 2015. The office is located in Atyrau.
Since October 2014, JV KNDC has started operating activities for drilling 150-160 wells at the Tengiz field.
Five drilling rigs of the KNDC joint venture are involved in this project.

JV KNDC on an ongoing basis conducts training and advanced training of personnel in the company's training center using a large drilling simulator located at the Tengiz field. This simulator makes an additional contribution to the activities of the KNDC joint venture, ensuring the competence of personnel and allowing for mandatory and refreshing retraining of key employees (primarily drillers and drillers' assistants). Allows you to conduct trainings at any time to prevent jamming of pipes, ensuring the constant availability of highly qualified operators of drilling rigs, which in turn ensures the position of JV KNDC as the preferred drilling company for TCO.

Due to the current situation in the world (COVID 19, falling oil prices), work on five drilling rigs has been suspended since April 2020.

Since October 01, 2020, drilling operations have been resumed on two drilling rigs.